Kalaloch WA

evening 16 August

Kalaloch, WA

We walked back to the lodge where Maribeth and Steve were distributing keys to the cabins. We dropped our packs in the cabin, removed the leggings from our pants (converting them to shorts). I took off my boots to wear flip-flops, while Lubin changed into a pair of old sneakers.

We walked northward along the beach - how far is a guess.

Returning to the beach, we walked northward fording the Kalaloch Creek as it crossed the beach to reach the ocean. It was only mid-calf deep although with a strong flow and a few paces across. We strolled up the beach taking photos frequently in the fog and mist. Our plan was to walk until low tide (1635) as we left the cabin at 1550. As we approached the ebb tide I spotted an unusual sight – a Sitka spruce on the bluff was straddling a cave-like opening with the roots anchored at each side of the opening but nothing but space underneath. We took several photographs of this spruce doing a split. As we approached the tree, a couple that was walking towards the bluff commented that they had been coming to this campground for 17 years and each year they had been expecting the tree to fall, but it hadn’t happened yet. They also mentioned that the cave under the tree was caused by a small stream that was washing the soil out from underneath it.

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Looking up (inland) Kalaloch Creek from the lodge.

Looking down Kalaloch Creek from the lodge.

Another view down the creek.

The underside of a stump - the people sitting on the roots give an idea of how big these logs are.

Another view up the creek.

A group of scouts walking by the cabins where we stayed.

The path through the driftwood at the foot of the path to the beach.


A silhouette of a tree on the bluff over the beach.

Tidal pool on the beach.

Jonathan in the fog on the beach.

The first view of the Sitka spruce straddling the cave.

A closer view with Jonathan to show scale.

Kids boogey-boarding on the shore.

Taking a shot of the seabirds.

The seabirds.

Walking back to the lodge - the cabins are visible at the top of the bluff.

Lynne and Regan demonstrating how it's done right.

A shot through the gloaming of the Kalaloch Lodge.

Steve, Maribeth, DeDe, and Kathryn at fireside (with flash).

John and Mary (without flash).

Steve, Maribeth, DeDe, and Kathryn at fireside (without flash).

We returned to the lodge more quickly than the 45 minutes it took to walk up the beach because, as usual, we don’t take so many photos when we retrace our steps. We climbed the steps up the bluff and passed Lynne and Regan sipping wine at their picnic table and reading.

We adjourned to the bar to write in our journals as usual and proceeded to dinner. The waitress had a wonderfully saucy attitude (and good humor). Afterwards Jonathan and I returned to our cabin to finish up our entries before going to the beach for a campfire.

After ducking by the room to get a couple of pieces of firewood – each cabin has a wood burning stove and the wood to burn – we took the path down to the beach where there were three campfires going. We located the proper campfire and settled in while Steve strummed the guitar occasionally passing it to Maribeth. We headed back up the path in the darkness, but there was enough ambient light – perhaps the light of the full moon penetrating the clouds – to locate the path without any problems.