2014 Japan Travelogue

This picture was taken on May 28th in the Arashiyama bamboo forest on the western edge of Kyōto. The shot was taken using my iPhone in panorama mode. The image has been resized and optimized for web pages.

Here is my narrative describing our trip to Japan. I've linked the corresponding pages from Jonathan's web site so that folks can jump back and forth between them. I took 1,262 shots (2.9 GB) while on the trip, and the images on the site represent a subset of those pictures.

16 to 19 May
Saint Paul to LA to Tōkyō
20 May
21 May
22 May
23 May
24 May
25 May
Takayama | Kanazawa
26 May
27 May
28 May
29 May
30 May
Inari | Nara
31 May | 01 June
Tōkyō | home

The background on the webpages for this trip is a shot also taken in the Arashiyama bamboo forest. I've taken the liberty of altering the color, but not the pattern, to match the color scheme of this site.

The images on the site, unless otherwise noted, were taken either using an Olympus C8080 Zoom (3264x2448 pixel JPEGs), an Olympus Stylus 790 SW (3072x2304 pixel JPEGs), or an iPhone 4s (panoramas, videos, 3264x2448 JPEGs). I occasionally had a circular polarizing filter installed on the C8080 depending on the light. The image size of the resulting JPEGs are about 3.5 MB each. I burned the unedited version of all images onto a DVD before editing them.

Also because the 790SW has an incredibly short focal length available, most of the flower close ups were shot with that camera. Also, on the rainy days, I used the 790SW camera as it is waterproof; and being pocket-sized, it was also used at dinner and traveling when I didn't want to pull out the big camera.

On this site, I've whittled the image size down to two sizes - a thumbnail I use on the page for the day, and a 640x480 pixel (or 480x640 pixel, assuming I haven't cropped or altered the size) image that I've saved optimized for web usage.

A lot of the images I doctored using Photoshop Elements, a trimmed down version of Adobe Photoshop. My most frequent adjustment was "Adjust Light & Shadows" to cope with the extremes of light and dark, "Auto Contrast" and "Auto Levels".

If you'd like the high resolution image (1 - 2MB each), drop me an email (MarkTKing mac.com) and I'll either email you a copy or set up a page where you can download the image.

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updated 03 June 2015