egrets foraging
Two egrets, snapped on 28 July. My superb bird book doesn’t
give enough help deciding just which of the three possisble
white birds these were, but I’m going with Snowy Egret (Egretta
), because of the yellow feet, even though its behavior
was more like that described for the Reddish Egret (E. rufescens).

Pine Point, July and August, 2013

Clouds moving through (32-second clip)

I was in Pine Point for a little under two weeks, but man­aged to get through that time without taking many pictures. One day, it was 28 July, we had lots of fluffy clouds scudding by on a fresh breeze, and, using the laptop, I set my camera to take a sequence of pictures just a few seconds apart, and converted them to the stop-frame movie above. I think it’s most interesting to see how scraps of clouds just develop out of nowhere, as well as disappear.

A few days later, on 4 August, that was a Sunday, we were sitting on the Cottage deck with our wine, when a shower let up and the sun broke through, giving a nice view of a full rainbow.

The rainbow that we saw (27 second clip). It’s a big
file, 11 megs, and may take a while to download.
Strangely, it does not display correctly in Chrome!
full view of rainbow

It was most im­pres­sive, and I decided that I ought to get a shot of the rainbow with my su­per­wide-angle lens. So I raced across the road to get my camera and fit the lens into it. By the time I got back to the Cot­tage, where the view was best, the rainbow had pretty much faded. But here it is, and you can see a bigger version, as well.