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Some old and new pictures here, from various family gatherings or excursions, and from my archives or the family’s. In particular, in weeding out about thirty years’ worth of slides, most taken with my original Bronica and very few of adequate quality, I scanned all the good ones and threw out the bad ones. Some of the good ones are linked to from this page. They show pictures from years 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, and 1972.

A couple of special singletons: a really nice picture of Al and Virginia Sloan on the day of my college graduation in 1957, and a snapshot from Christmas 1952 of lots of people named Darby, and a few others.

Beyond the above, there’s a scan I did of a very interesting family picture from about 1915.

Recently, I got loaned a bunch of prints from Marjorie Clack, daughter of my mother’s closest girlhood friend Marcia Schulte Lathrop. These range in date from the Forties to the late Eighties, and although in some cases not of very high quality, they all are of serious interest to the family. I’ve scanned them and put them up on a separate page, for all to see.

Bernice and Barbara at the buffet table In summer of 1968, Virginia and Al
gave two parties, mostly it was friends there,
but there were relatives from New Jersey,
Brooklyn, and Long Island too. I’ve picked
out the pictures with family in them and put
them on a separate page.
thumbnail-size image of Virginia in the kitechen February of 2015, I was looking
through proof-prints of color
negatives that were in my files, and
found some snapshots that would
certainly be of interest to the family.
Thanksgiving 1967, I guess I drove
down from Providence with my
camera and flash. Half a dozen
pictures only, but a couple
of good ones.
Horace and his friend Sam, about 1924 In early 2014, I decided to go through
some negatives that I had had since
Providence, but had never examined.
To my surprise, I found four showing
my father Horace with hair. Since my
mother always said that she had never
known him with hair, these must have
been taken well before the time of their
meeting, which I think was 1928. They’re
on a page of their own.
closeup of Grandma K At the same time, I pulled out a bunch
of negatives from the 1940’s, family
pictures including this one of my
great-grandmother Belle Kotterman,
taken in 1945. All these pictures can
be seen in a special page.
lotsa clouds 2013: I left Saint Paul a week before Mark,
to get two weeks in in Pine Point, but for
some inexplicable reason, I took very few
pictures. The best cullings of these are on
the small page for this year.
dock at high water 2012: A relaxing two weeks in Pine
. There were family galore in
attendance, some for only a few days,
others the whole time. Join us, at
least photographically!
low tide on the Scarborough River 2011: As a natural and necessary completion
of Harris’s visit in February (see the
next block below), we all agreed that
Madison would visit Mark and me in
Pasadena in late July
, then we three
would go to Maine, for a week that the
three girls would spend with the Dads.
Then there would be a second week
during which the Moms and “Papa”—
Walter Hines, M’lyn’s father—would
stay in the new “Little House” with the
girls while the Dads moved across the
street into the “Cottage”, and then
finally Devlin would return to Pasadena
with the two of us for a week’s visit.
There are four separate pages, but all
are accessed from one central page.
Harris walking by the Santa Barbara beach February 2011:
In the Fall of 2010, I suggested to
M’lyn and Diane that during the
kids’ February vacation, Harris
should come out to visit Mark
and me in Pasadena. Both Mark
and I have made up pages of our
pictures of this wonderful holiday.
You can see some of the pictures
I took
Pine Point, 2010 First week of August, 2010, sixteen
members of the extended King family,
plus two of their dogs, were together
in three residences, but congregating
at the King family cottage in Pine
Point, Maine. Lots of pictures.
Mark at the August Party, 2009 Terry Bailey took this at the August
Party of 2009. With her permission,
I’ve put it up here. Not bad for a cell-
phone snap, and it captures the spirit
of the day very nicely.
Mark and Madison in the train In September of 2006, Mark and I
decided to treat the Greene family
to a trip to the Museum of Natural
History and the Planetarium in
New York. Took lots of pictures.
August Party 2006 The August Party of 2006 was a
grand one, to fit in with my
seventieth birthday. Some
pictures here of the quiet
conversations after the mob-
scene was over.
50th Anniversary picture Michael and Mary’s Fiftieth
Anniversary was in September
of 2005, and I have a page
with just a few pictures from
the day.
Four generations in our family, c. 1915 An old print I got from Virginia,
four generations of women in
the Aronson-Lubin family. More
on the special page devoted to it.
JDL rests against gravestone On what would have been
Virginia’s 96th birthday, I went
back to Staten Island, and took
a small number of shots.
cousins three This is a negative I found only in
February 2009, but it dates from
1998 or 1999, at one of the first
August Parties we had in Pasadena.
My cousin Howard Ialberg was still
living then, in Burbank, and we got
this snapshot of Howard standing
between Michael and me.
No special page, just click on the
picture to get a much larger version
than you see here.
Lucille and Virginia, 6 June 1963 A couple of pictures from the
Harvard Commencement of
June 1963.
reading Pictures from 1964, the first
year of Mary and Michael’s
stay in Boston during his
graduate studies at MIT,
plus one other from Staten
Island that year.
neckless James In 1965, I was getting used to
my new Bronica, and occasionally
took it down to the Lubins’ in
Watertown to take some pictures,
especially at Christmas time.
Luella and Pam The holidays of 1966-67 were
the Lubins’ last Christmas
in Watertown.
Virginia in red, 1972 At Christmastime 1972,
or another occasion for a
winter party on Staten
Island that year, I took
a number of nice snapshots.

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