Madison in Avalon harbor
The Cottage on the left, and the New Little House on the right, facing each other across the street.
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July and August 2011: a varied
vacation for Kids, Dads, and Moms

This page got longer and long­er, so to make the load­ing quick­er, I split it up into four sub­pages, one for each week:

Chapter 1, first week (CA)
Chapter 2, second week (ME)
Chapter 3, third week (ME)
Chapter 4, fourth week (CA)

The agreement was that after Harris’s visit in February, her sisters would also come out to stay with us for a week in Pasadena, some time in the summer. We left it to Madison and Devlin to work out which one would come before our stay in Maine at the new “Little House”, and which after. The decision was that Madison would come first, and Devlin would come after, when she could be among the cast of thousands at the August Party.

Chapter 1:
Madison flies out to California

Madison in Avalon harbor
Madison on the tour boat in Catalina waters.

We did lots of things when Madison visited us, but the week was too short. Find out all about it.

Chapter 2:
Our first week in the new “Little House” in Maine

at table, New Little House
First full family dinner in the New Little House.

We had lots of fun getting used to the house and going shopping for more and more amenities. Read all about it.

Chapter 3:
Second week in Maine, all the family is here

Low tide at duck, I
Mark and I moved across the street to the Cottage,
which is where I took this shot out over the flats.

It was a fuller week, what with all the family there, including Walter Hines. And Mark had a birthday! Read all about it.

Chapter 4:
Back in Pasadena, with Devlin, for the August Party

Devlin in a shop
Devlin in a Rodeo Drive shop.

Back in California, we did all the usual things with Devlin, like going to Disneyland, but a special treat for her was an afternoon spent on Rodeo Drive. Read all about the last week of our four-week vacation.

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