Scans of prints from Marjorie Clack

My mother, Virginia, met Marcia Schulte in Sunday School in the Bronx, when they both were little girls, and they became close friends. Throughout my childhood, Marcia and her husband Elliott Lathrop were frequent guests in the house, and we often went to visit them in Oakwood Heights. Marcia’s parents Fannie and Harry Schulte were good friends of my grandparents as well, and I remember Fannie clearly. She was enthusiastic and outgoing, an energetic personality.

The Lathrops had two daughters, Virginia (named after my mother), and Marjorie, who lives in Kernville California, not impossibly far from where we are in Pasadena. We’ve been exchanging Christmas cards, and each year Mark and I send an invitation to the August Party to Marge and Bob Clack in the hope that we can get together here. In 2009, we were pleased to have them among the guests, and it was great to be able to chat.

Not long after the party, Marge sent me a bunch of prints from the Forties and later, for me to do whatever electronic magic on that I could. And here they are, arranged in roughly chronological order.

Virginia and Marcia at the beach At the foot of Arden Avenue, there was a beach, somewhat scruffy, where the wa­ter was knee-deep at low tide, but swimmable at high. Here are Virginia and Marcia, in a picture taken at Arden Beach in 1943. There are a larger view, and an immense one as well. Get back to this page by hitting the “Back” button.
Machael and Jonathan, 1943 Probably from the same roll of film from the Summer of 1943, here are Jonathan and Michael busying themselves in Horace’s chicken-manure-fertilized veg­e­ta­ble garden. Pop was very proud of how high his veg­e­ta­bles could grow—pole beans in this case, I guess. Larger view, or immense.
Garden party, 1944 (I) Three pictures from a garden party in Summer 1944, unfortunately of rather poor quality. Shown are Marcia Lathrop, (unknown), Lucille La Mar Bandtlow, Claire La Mar, my grandmother May Darby, Virginia Lubin, and Fannie Schulte. Claire is Lucille’s mother, and Fannie is Marcia’s mother. Mrs. La Mar and Mrs. Bandtlow came up fairly often in Grandma’s conversation, but not in my mother’s, so I presume that Claire was one of May’s buddies. Larger view.
Garden party, 1944 (II) Same cast of characters, without May, but with the addition of “Grandma Fisher”, but I don’t know who that could be, since Fannie’s maiden name was something else. Could she actually be Fannie’s grand­mother? Anyway, the party was to celebrate Mrs. Fisher’s 100th birthday! Larger view.
Garden party, 1944 (III) Rearrangement of the above, and of better quality, too. If Grandma Fisher was born in 1844, she’d certainly be old enough to have been Fannie Schulte's grandmother. I’ll have to ask Margie. Larger view, or im­mense.
Marcia, Virginia, and others: unknown date Margie doesn’t know when this is from; my guess is late Forties. Marcia is at extreme left, then Virginia, while all the others are unknown. But I think the second from right may be Evelyn Flamm, one of their mutual friends. Larger view, or immense.
Marcia, Virginia, and others: unknown date A cropping of the above, to show just Marcia and Virginia. Larger view.
Marjorie and Virginia Lathrop This picture shows Marjorie and Virginia Lathrop in dresses made by my mother, whom you can see standing on our back porch. Marjorie can still bring out the same smile, over fifty years later. I’ll have to get the date from Marjorie, but if at the left side of the picture that’s the aluminum laundry-drier that I put up, the date would be between the time that Mom started seeing Al Sloan—about 1954—and Spring 1956, when we moved out of the Shirley Avenue house. Larger view, or im­mense.
Marjorie and King This one was taken the same day, and of the old pictures, this is one of the highest quality prints, and it shows very well the dress that Mom made for Marjorie. That’s our back porch on Shirley Avenue, and our dog King looking very wolflike. Larger view, or immense.
Christmas 1955 Christmas 1955, at the Lathrop house in Oakwood, I think. Al and Virginia Sloan, then Marjorie, a friend Ann Schrapo, and then Ginny Lathrop. Larger view, or immense.
Virginia at Christmas 1985 Fast-forward now thirty years. Virginia Sloan in her Annadale kitchen, Christmas 1985. Larger view, or im­mense.
New Year’s Eve 1985 Margie estimates that this is New Year’s Eve 1985-86. No question about location here, any more than in the shot im­med­i­ate­ly above: the Sloans’ house on Amboy Road in Annadale. Virginia Sloan, Josh and Marjorie Clack, and Elliott Lathrop. Larger view, or immense.
Kernville 1988 In 1988, Virginia went out to visit Margie and Bob Clack and their son Josh in Kernville. Virginia, Bob, Josh, Elliott. Larger view, or immense.

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